The Most popular PHP-frameworks in 2017

before starting the listing of top php frameworks of 2017, php is one of the most favored server-side scripting languages known for its simplicity, PHP frameworks complement PHPwith the aid of imparting builders with a few pre-constructedmodules, a platform to create sturdy, reusable components, and through enabling quicker improvement cycles.

PHP frameworks provide the customers a fundamental structure, with some pre-built modules to increase sturdy netprograms quickerthose frameworks put in force coding standards and development recommendations as a resultstandardizing the system and stabilizing the product.

We keep on talking about the most well known and helpful apparatuses for working with dialects. This time we will concentrate on PHP-structures.

1. Laravel

This structure was quick way from a promising up to one of the main PHP-movement. A short depiction is as per the following: open source code, working with MVC design demonstrate, easy to understand interface, extended usefulness.

The last item is shown in the following possibilities:

  1. Support for outsider modules, of which an impressive sum, which significantly broadens the standard highlights of the system;
  2. Contact Routing, which enables you to not sit around idly refreshing connections when working — everything happens naturally;
  3. Configuration designs Eloquent ORM, which helps in deciding the strict connection between the objects of the database;
  4. Programmed class stacking. From one viewpoint, it lessens the measure of code on the grounds that there is no compelling reason to compose incorporate … , on the other hand — the unused classes are not associated with all the following advantages;
  5. Unit testing — the nearness of an expansive number of tests to anticipate layering of mistakes;
  6. database administration framework variants. In the event that you want to every now and again refresh their item is immaterial — this include enables you to not sit around idly on a similar sort of recording.
As you can envision this is not a total rundown of extra highlights that give their clients Laravel engineers. For a total rundown, visit the official site, or dive into the universe of the structure personally — you are certain to appreciate.
This structure, which has over 11 years, shot to notoriety because of the generally unassuming utilization of assets, effortlessness, comfort, countless, intended for engineers of any level, the nonappearance of confinements. At one time, Laravel is starting to create as a contender CodeIgniter, so that as of not long ago it was a general benchmark.
In spite of its effortlessness, similar to any mainstream structure, CodeIgniter have additionally have several valuable highlights:
  1. CodeIgniter Reactor incredible help group, including libraries, modules, formats and documentation;
  2. Layouts to work with databases, which are fundamentally the same as SQL linguistic structure;
  3. The likelihood of reserving on the server side;
  4. Utilizing the bundle administrator for brisk association of the libraries from the charge line.

Obviously from the essential thought of ​​simplicity and openness CodeIgniter is not going to withdraw. So expect that this structure does it for you it is redundant, albeit formally it is conceivable.

3. Symfony

In spite of the way that the arrival of the third form occurred in 2015, it is the second form of Symfony alone holds the third place in prominence among the systems. The purpose behind this is like c CodeIgniter — speed and add up to straightforwardness. Be that as it may, that it went poorly to the usefulness, the client is incited to choose one of the 3 forms of the profile of the work:


  1. Standard Edition — to investigate and perform normal undertakings. It is based distro Hello World Edition, which contains precisely one advancement content for later use in benchmarks;
  2. Symfony CMF — adaptation for designers working with the CMS-frameworks;
  3. REST Edition — Optimized for the REST-design (online stores, web indexes, and so forth.).
  4. Characteristically it trusted that Symfony — is a structure for charge line darlings. Without a doubt, constructed SensioGeneratorBundle interface will get you from one line of content to get a skeleton for your code.

From the perspective of national designer unmistakable in addition to is the nearness of the official documentation in Russian. It is worth specify that it is accessible just for the principal rendition of the Symphony, however among the informal discharge and you will discover interpretations of authority discharges, free and great documentation.


4. Yii


Yii in a considerable lot of the rankings is introduced as the primary contender of Symfony. Purposes behind this truly is: the two dialects ​​are working with a full stack, both the source code on GitHub, both of adequate quality are configuration designs. Be that as it may, while you Symfony gives a model and a controller in MVC Yii acknowledged full collaboration. Likewise, the interface is considerably more advantageous in Yii, code era utilizing a program Gii component here is somewhat more intense, and for the most part upon Yii will spare you additional time on the improvement and application will run somewhat speedier.


5. nette Framework

Perhaps the most least known of the top the PHP-frameworks, which is surprising against the background of his 13-year-olds and opportunities. Here are some of them:

  1. A standout amongst the most gainful PHP-systems ;
  2. Ideal for fledglings, the expectation to learn and adapt is very smooth;
  3. Capable devices to help: Tracy — tracking mistake, Latte — fast and instinctive example generator, Tester — Utility to test the nature of your application in near genuine conditions.
  4. Capacity to work all in all on a solitary task, a few designers;
  5. Astounding documentation, and cordial group (and not just in Czech).

All in all, in the event that you have not attempted Natte — recommend, if discovered some shortcomings — sure to write in the remarks.

6. CakePHP

CakePHP is a lightweight system with astounding documentation. It is basic and requires succinct coding, which at last outcomes in the engineer writing less code. This structure is known for its straightforward system and for the speed of its templating procedure. One of the selective highlights of CakePHP is its worked in “Muck,” that is superb for database correspondence. The system contains different highlights to cover all the dissimilar measures required by web devs, including security, session administration, messages, ask for taking care of, and treats. The main con of this structure is the nonappearance of protest related usage.



These are six of the most well known systems in the PHP improvement group. Laravel, of course, had a truly decent head begin. PHP systems have truly improved the advancement procedure and practically every expert PHP improvement organization utilizes at least one of these five stages as their standard advancement stage.

On the off chance that was solicited to pick one from these five systems, I figure I would run with Laravel. It is truly simple to utilize and has every one of the highlights that PHP engineers use once a day. The documentation is very exhaustive. By and large, just by perusing the code, you could undoubtedly see the multifaceted nature and execution of a specific task.

Regardless of whether you’re an accomplished software engineer or a tenderfoot, you’ll cherish it.

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