How to Integrate Paytm Payment Gateway with WordPress

Integrate the Paytm wallet Paymet Gateway with WordPress

Pay with Paytm wallet is the most effective way this is available to do charge integration with your e-trade website. It helps you create the payment button on your checkout web page wherein the amount may be constant pre-configured on our servers or may be dynamic.

the person that clicks the Pay with Paytm button may be taken to Pay with Paytm internet site where in the user will entire the transaction through Paytm and Pay with Paytm pockets and returns for your website after successful fee with a affirmation message.

Step to integration :

[code]Step 1. Download paywith paytm woocommerce plugin Download plugin [/code]

[code]Step 2. Go to your wordpress admin panel -> Woocommerce -> Settings -> Checkout [/code]

Under Payment Gateways section, Pay With Paytm should appear.

Step 3. Fill the require settings

For the paytm Button Id and Button secret :-

  • Signup/Sign In on and fill in the profile details and bank details.
  • Create a pay button in the Catalog section.
  • Copy button id and button secret.

Edit the Settings :

  • Go to settings->edit
  • Set Success Url :- (yourbasewebsiteurl)?wc-api=WC_Paywith_Paytm
  • Set Cancel Url :- (yourbasewebsiteurl)?wc-api=WC_Paywith_Paytm
  • Set Notify Url :- (yourbasewebsiteurl)?wc-api=WC_Paywith_Paytm
  • Set button id and secret in the admin field of Woocommerce Pay with Paytm
  • Set the redirect url where you want to redirect after payment.

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