How To Add Featured Video Plus Plugin In WordPress


How many times we wanted to use video in place of  featured image in a WordPress post?, the answer is a lot.Today I’m gonna show you how to do that with the help of Featured Video Plus plugin.

Featured Video Plus works like a charm, it’s very fluid and very easy to use. You just need to paste the video url (that you want to use) in the ‘featured video’ box and your video will be displayed instead of featured in the image below:

featured video plugin

How to get your video onto the page

You can get your video onto your page via 3 ways:

1.You can get it automatically if your WordPress theme utilizes featured image functionality and Automatic insertion, lazy loading or lightbox overlays will also work

2.You could insert [featured-video-plus]Shortcode in your posts.

3.Can also be done by manually using PHP functions in your theme’s source files.

Compatibility with themes:

  • Unfortunately a lot themes follow their own designs and unique functions to display featured images and doesn’t follow WordPress standards and those things could affect it’s functioning. So, compatibility could vary among different themes.

Checkout the plugin in the works on There is also a button on the sidebar to switch between the different featured video display modes: Automatic, lazy and overlay.

You can use local as well as external video sources like Youtube,Vimeo,Dailymotion,SoundCloud and Spotify.For a complete list of sourced checkout WordPress Codex.If your provider is not listed there then you can embed code or use any HTML.

Upon the installation of your plugin check your site’s Media settings  (Settings -> Media in the administration interface): You will find plugin’s helper options there like changing lazy or overlay mode, tweak video sizing, personalize the look of the most of the popular provider’s video player,turn on autoplay or video looping.Default video size is their respective parent container size and it adjusts dynamically.

Featured video settings:

featured video settings

Full installation

1.Go to your WordPress administration interface and navigate to Plugins -> Add New and then or search for Featured Video Plus, and click Install Now just below the plugin’s name, after finishing installation click Activate Plugin

The plugin is ready to use. Now you can edit your posts and add video links to the Featured Video box  Plugin’s settings can be found under Settings -> Media.

Integrate with theme

If automatic integration doesn’t work you can always use the shortcode or you could manually adjust your theme’s sourcecode.


[featured-video-plus width=300]



the_post_video( $size )
has_post_video( $post_id )
get_the_post_video( $post_id, $size )
get_the_post_video_url( $post_id )
get_the_post_video_image( $post_id )
get_the_post_video_image_url( $post_id )


All parameters are optional. If no $post_id is given the current post’s ID will be used.$size is either a string keyword (thumbnail, medium, large or full) or a 2-item array representing width and height in pixels, e.g. array(560,320).

Keep in mind while editing your theme that a future update through WordPress might overwrite all the changes. So, I suggest you to consider using a child theme instead.

I hope this article was helpful in using a video instead of a featured image and you if you have any suggestion or query then leave it in the comment section below.

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