How To Add Custom CSS To A WordPress Website

WordPress is a great platform for designing websites as it offers loads of customizations,plugins,themes and more, but sometimes you might needed to add some custom CSS for something extra and it could be really confusing if you are using FTP. However, there is a simpler way to do this, I’ll show you how to add custom CSS without editing theme files, in this article.

First of all you need to activate and install  Simple Custom CSS plugin. After activation simply navigate to  Appearance » Custom CSS (like in the image below) and write or copy & paste your custom CSS.


custom css wordpress

And press the ‘Update Custom CSS’ button to add your CSS.

Now you can check your website to see the changes with the custom CSS.

Use CSS plugin or Add CSS in Theme

I wont recommend you add custom CSS snippets to your parent theme.You will loose CSS changes if you accidentally updated the theme and didn’t save your custom changes.

In my opinion best way to do this is to use a child theme instead. Although, many beginners don’t like to create a child theme.As they don’t know to use the child theme apart from adding custom CSS.

So, I suggest you to use a custom CSS plugin that will allow you to store your custom CSS independently . This will allow you to easily switch themes and your custom CSS will not be affected.

There is also one great other way to add custom CSS to your WordPress site is by using the CSS Hero plugin. This terrific plugin allows you to edit almost everything in your WordPress site without writing any code.


CSS Hero interface:

css hero plugin


I hope you liked this article and it helped you adding custom css to your WordPress site and if you have any suggestions then do share it.


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