5 Amazing Things You Can Do With WordPress

I really like the awesome things that one can do with WordPress.Infact, I had blindly used WordPress as my number one solution in most of my projects. So let’s take a look at just a few interesting things that you can do with the WordPress.

1. Create An Online Store

online shopping

WooCommerce is one of the most popular platform on web for e-commerce solutions.Over 30% e-commerce websites are powered by WooCommerce. The main plugin is free and provides basic features necessary to operate a primary-level e-commerce store. It’d be wrong to think that like other “free” WordPress plugins, WooCommerce provides necessary features to only premium users.As a mater of fact, there is no premium version of the WooCommerce.

They have wide range of impressive add-ons, through which they generate revenue. You can also use third-party add-ons and You can get a developer to design a business-specific WooCommerce add-on for you.There are other amazing  e-commerce plugins like iThemes Exchange, MarketPress and Easy Digital Downloads.

2. Create a nifty Job Board

job board wordpress


Individuals like us – specialists, bloggers, fashioners, marketing specialists, and so on are all individual entrepreneurs. Have you ever needed to make an actual job board in your own blog? Like the one from ProBlogger Here’s a rundown of WordPress job board themes  that would reaally be helpful for getting up and running in few hours.

  1. Jobify ($55)
  2. Job Board ($79)
  3. JobRoller ($99)
  4. Templatic’s Job Board ($65)
  5. JobEngine ($89)

If you want something based on plugin then, take a look at WP Job Manager. There are loads of great add-ons for even more job board options, like WooCommerce integration for paid listings, a resume manager for CV uploads, daily or weekly  job alerts and much more.


  • Ensure that you have a considerable amount of audience in your category before you launch your job board. ProBlogger is among the most popular “blogging” blogs on the planet. If you think you can get a few thousand visitors a month and start off with your job board, you’d be disappointed.
  • On the other side, these job board plugins can be very useful like when you’re posting jobs for your own blog (like paid editors, copywriters, designers, etc.)
  • Many companies like to keep their portfolios and job openings separate. They post a link on their footer or at the top to announce that they have an opening.
  • Actual job page is either outsourced to some job board software like Resumator, or are setup as an “in-house” job board in a different URL, or subdomain. Something like jobs.company.com.
  • For this approach, a WordPress job-board based theme is best suitable – but they’re a little bit expensive because of all the complex post types and all.
  • Still, if you are not okay with separate installation then, you could opt for a plugin based solution.

3. Build a Social Network Website

wordpress social network


If you are thinking about creating the next Facebook using WordPress as a platform then let me assure you that its really not possible but what you can do with WordPress is an “in-house” social network for your college groups, teams or company – BuddyPress is what you need. There’s even a dedicated Themeforest section for BuddyPress themes.

4.You Can Create a Forum

forum with wordpress


If you want create a fully featured and integrated WordPress forum then bbPress plugin makes it really easy. The plugin is developed and maintained by Automattic – the company behind WordPress. So in terms of reliability and security – you need not worry. Here’s a short listing of ‘bbPress’ features.


  • Multiple forum categories
  • Send replies to individual topics
  • bbPress specific shortcodes and widgets support
  • Boost user engagement with extensions like bbPress Notify which sends email notifications to users when new topics and/or replies are posted; and
  • GD bbPress Tools which adds BBCode support, user signatures, in-reply quotes and a few other features – similar to a full-fledged forum software.

And it’s compatible with the powerful Total WordPress theme – it would be helpful in creating custom pages for your impressive forum. You can also use other plugins like CM Answers and AnsPress. to create a forum using WordPress.


5. Flexible & Versatile Website Design

wordpress flexibility

This is among my most favorite WordPress properties.I think that anything can be created using WordPress. No matter what’s your need, there is plugin or a theme to help you get started . Like, if you want to create a comprehensive directory listing for your town? then there is theme named Directory theme. Or want to add recipes to your blog? then– Cooked recipe builder is just the plugin.

If you are confused with what you want then, there are themes for that too! Just grab what you think is the best WordPress theme ever – Total, or any of the other popular multipurpose themes that come with a powerful page builder. With these you can create any number of distinctly designed websites – all from just one theme.


I hope you liked this list of 5 amazing things that you can do with WordPress. If you think that I have missed out anything that you think should be included in this list – do let me know!


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